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SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.

It is the best choice for sharing your audio clip and create audience.

What you can do now is to monetize your SoundCloud music, it is possible with MusicYes.

You can only monetize the artist and label accounts you own.

One Soundcloud account shall be opened for each artist.

If you are a label, then the SoundCloud monetization procedure below must be repeated for each artist, the same label name will be repeated each time, and you do not need multiple MusicYes account to monetize your artists music in SoundCloud, you just need open one single MusicYes account under your Label.

The procedure is as follows:

1) Register to MusicYes here.

2) Upload your release into MusicYes, select SoundCloud icon to deliver it to SoundCloud.

3) Have your own SoundCloud channel opened, YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPLOAD YOUR TRACKS THERE.

Once it is done, SoundCloud will identify accounts based on ARTIST NAME, and if everything is done properly the music will be uploaded into your account directly, you do not have to upload the tracks by yourself at all.

Unauthorized tracks will be cleared by SoundCloud shortly, so with this system you will also solve the problem of your music being eventually leaking in SoundCloud.

You can manage your SoundCloud account normally, create playlists, change profile pictures and whatever you like to do.

Soundcloud monetizes in the following countries:

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